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    Delivering consistent & sustainable business growth.

    Our performance marketing services will help you achieve your goals, whether they include increased website traffic, conversions, or maximizing your ROI.

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    How much should you pay for performance marketing?

    In 2022, the average small and medium-sized business (SMB) spends between $8,000 and $12,000 on performance marketing every month. Pricing is dynamic and always changing. Whether you are a first-timer looking to start advertising or a seasoned vet, we will work with you on what your goals are, what your budget covers, and how to set the best budget for your campaigns. Our focus is on the numbers that mean the most: leads, sales and revenue generated. We believe that reaching your goals is what matters most. The reason you should choose our team- we know that your success is the best measure of our performance.

    With Techsentia there will be no hidden, recurring or other fees on top of our all-inclusive charge upfront.

    In alignment with our mission of "Let's Succeed Together" our pricing model is designed to benefit both the advertiser and the business and will aid in mutual growth and success.

    • Initial Consultation and Setup

    • Analytics Integration

    • Keyword research and selection

    • Copywriting

    • Ad graphics and creatives

    • Sales Funnels (Landing, Opt-in, Upsell/Downsell, Order bump, thank you & checkout pages)

    • Bid management

    • Ad scheduling

    • Remarketing

    • Ad performance analytics

    • Reporting

    • Restructuring existing ads and creating new ads (groups and campaigns)

    Choose Your Pricing Plan

    Whether you just need a modern take on your current online presence or hand holding to totally revamp your business, we are here to deliver the ultimate experience in performance marketing.

    Ad Minima

    Ad Spend Limit: $1000 - $8000/month 




  • Sales funnels - 1

  •  Landing page - 3

  •  Ad Graphics - 15

  •  Ad Copy/Text - 4

  •   Channels - All

  •  Ad Campaigns-Multiple

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    Ad Maxima

    Ad Spend Limit: $8001 - $20,000/month 




  • Sales funnels - 3

  • Landing page - 6

  • Ad Graphics - 30

  • Ad Copy/Text - 10

  • Channels - 8

  • Ad Campaigns - Multiple

  • Request a proposal

    Ad Infinitum

    Ad Spend Limit: $20,001 - $50,000/month