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Our goal is to build your website

Why we don't  talk about the importance of having a website:

In 2022, it is no more a secret the enormous amount of time people spend online, considering the amount of time people spend on the internet, businesses too have to move online. Having a website with a presence on social media has become the need of the hour. If you are a business owner and do not own a website, you might be losing a lot of potential customers online.

Therefore, knowing the importance of a website is key to growing your business exponentially. We are sure that you already know this, but here are a few facts about having a website:

  • 24/7 Online presence = 24/7 Customer Support

  • Establish Credibility and Build Trust

  • Generating Leads and Increasing Sales 

  • Improve Customer Experience

  • Seamless Exchange of Information about any updates or announcements

  • Opens doors for Digital Marketing

  • Let us together build an awesome website that suits your business and also does not break your bank, so that you can invest your time, energy and money where it actually matters - that is in Marketing and Scaling up your bsuiness.



    A first-of-its-kind concept encompassing design, development, and ongoing service. SIT provides you with a built-in technology solution and an inclusive service delivery model at an affordable price.

    At Techsentia, we believe it’s not fair to expect business owners and entrepreneurs to add website building to their resumes or to pay exorbitant prices for every tweak, so we came up with our proprietary business model known as Service Integrated technology (SIT)!


    ✅ Content ✅ Keywords Research ✅ Pages
    ✅ Blog
    2 articles / month
    ✅ Hosting ✅ Sales Funnels
    ✅ On Page SEO ✅ Google My Business Listing ✅ Google Reviews
    ✅ Responsive Design ✅ Social Media Optimization ✅ Social Calendar
    ✅ Social Postings
    4 postings/ month
    ✅ Tracking / Analytics setup
    (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn)
    ✅ Backlinks
    ✅ SSL Certificate ✅ CDN ✅ Site Maintenance
    and updates

    Are you stuck with the restrictive options available to build a website today?

    Do It Yourself (DiY)

  • Steep Learning Curve

  • Need to know all technical terms

  • Design your own Logo, Graphics etc

  • Write your won Content

  • Pay upfront for the Saas Model

  • Invest a lot of time and energy

  • Keep maintaining and updating your website

  • Hire a Freelancer

  • Hard to find the right fit

  • Pay for Design, development and hosting

  • No long term support

  • Strong dependency for every small update

  • Expensive than DIY and SaaS models   

  • Hire a Company

  • Very Expensive

  • Pay for the fine print

  • Paid Support`

  • Strong Dependency

  • We are trying to be the change that we want to see!

    We have structured our offerings in such a way that it helps entrepreneurs with different levels of requirements, to align their time, energy and money towards growing their business. Below is a chart showing how we fare compared to other options available today:

      Features Website Builders Freelancers Agency Techsentia
      Domain $5 - $10/ year $5 - $10 / year $5 - $10/ year $5 - $10/ year
      Hosting Included X X Included
      Logo X $ 100 - $500 Included Included
      Graphics X $ 300 - $1000 Included Included
      Video X $ 250 - $ 500/ video Included Included
      Pages Unlimited DIY $ 300 - $800 per 5 pages Included Included
      Keyword Research X Included Included Included
      SEO Optimised Content X $ 80 - $ 150 for 500 words Included Included
      Blog Included X Included Included
      Builder Subscription $8 - $20/ month X X $15 - $75/ month
      Plugins/ Apps Free + Paid X X Included
      Themes Free + Paid X X Included
      SSL Certificate Free + Paid $5 - $10 / Year Included Included
      Opt-in Forms Free + Paid $ 75 - $150 Included Included
      On Page SEO X $150 - $ 300 Included Included
      Responsive Design Included Included Included Included
      CMS Included $ 100 - $500 Included Included
      CDN Included X Included Included
      Sales Funnels X $ 500 - $1000 X Included
      Maintenance X $50 - $200 X Included
      Total Cost $156 - $360 per year $ 1500 - $4000 +
      $ 50 - $ 200/month
      $ 8000 - $ 20000 +
      $ 150 - $1000/month
      $ 449 - $ 999 +
      $15 - $75/month

      Let's break this vicius cycle together

      Choosing to spend your initial investment on building digital assets or on scaling your business should not be an either or question. So we came up with solutions that will enable you to exist online and grow simultaneously. 

    Choose Your Pricing Plan

    With us success is not an option but a reality.